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Service Policies

During The Clean

During the cleaning there should be cold & hot water, light, and working AC set at 70-72 degrees. This is for the cleaning team to provide our clients with an efficient clean. At Cleaning Insights we are dedicated to providing the top guilty clean that our clients deserve, which is why we ask to have those items set before the cleaning. When arriving at the clean and we notice that the items above are unavailable, we will contact the client regarding the issue and the client could be charged an extra fee of $70 for not letting us know about the missing items. If the AC in the home is set higher the 73 degrees we will adjust the AC ourselves

Move In/Out & Post Construction Cleans

Move-in/out cleans must be empty (Meaning) no personal belongings or furniture in the way! Home MUST have POWER & RUNNING WATER. Any personal items or trash left behind for us to clean will be an additional charge of $70-$200 depending on the amount, this goes for Post construction jobs as well. We understand that post-construction jobs have a lot of construction dust and for us to properly do our job we ask that these cleans are booked when the job is complete and the last thing to do before moving in is clean!

Skipping A Clean

 If you are a Recurring Cleaning customer and you need to completely skip a cleaning, you must use our online scheduling system. Please note that Cleaning Insights offers discounted pricing for Recurring Cleanings so that we can keep your home consistently clean and provide our cleaning technicians with a predictable work schedule and stable income. The longer we go between cleanings, the more work our technicians will have to do to restore your home to the appropriate condition. If you skip a Recurring Cleaning, you will be charged a $50 Skip Fee on the catch-up cleaning. If you skip two cleanings in a row, you will be charged the full, non-discounted price for the catch-up cleaning.

Payments Terms

Cleaning Insights accepts Credit / Debit Cards, Cash, Check, Zelle, Venmo, and PayPal as forms of payment. Credit card information is taken at the time of online booking. However, we DO NOT charge the card at this time. A hold will be placed on your account (for authorization) one (1) day before the service in the amount of your total balance. THIS HOLD IS NOT A CHARGE. Your card will be charged after the service has been completed and you will receive an invoice via email once this occurs. Unless otherwise noted, payment information must be collected from all customers and authorized before the job starts. If your service is canceled for any reason, this hold will be released within 2-5 days.

100% Guarantee Policy

Cleaning Insights is proud to offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not happy. After the service, we ask you to perform the mandatory inspection with your cleaning team. As a guideline, please use our cleaning checklist during the walk-through. If you are not 100% satisfied with the work performed, our teams are happy to re-clean any missed areas per your request, FREE OF CHARGE at the TIME OF SERVICE. Note to INSPECT CAREFULLY: After you’ve done the walk-through, Cleaning Insights services are complete. Any additional services will be charged accordingly. In the event that clients are unable due to not being home, available, or choose not to perform the walk-through inspection, our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE will be considered null and void. Pro Tip! For a move-out cleaning, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you invite your landlord to the walk-through inspection with the cleaners. 

Cancellation Policy

Being there when we say we will is important to Cleaning Insights. We reserve a time and team for each customer. Customers have up until 16 hours before their service appointment to make any schedule changes or cancellations. Cancellations made after this time will be charged a cancellation fee of $70.

Maximum Hours

With our flat-rate pricing model, we have a maximum amount of hours that can be worked for each type of job. Exceeding that time, we charge a rate of $60 / hr. We do this to account for jobs that require more intensive work or time due to size. However, it’s rare that we ever go over and we will always let customers know in advance of completion if we think we’ll go over the maximum hours allotted for their job.

1-2 Hour Arrival Window

We always do our best to show up on time, however we ask that customers please allow us a 1–2-hour window to account for traffic, parking, and other surprises along the way.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Cleaning Insights has a zero-tolerance policy for disrespecting or mistreating our employees. Should an employee feel uncomfortable, they have been instructed to leave the home immediately. You may call Cleaning Insights to discuss further. However, you will be charged for the time they spent cleaning and dropped from the schedule. 

Safety Policies

Reaching High Areas – We cannot guarantee we can reach the high areas higher than 6′ ft. Due to liability & safety reasons, our teams are not able to climb on ladders or reach high areas.


Moving Large Appliances – We’re happy to clean around or underneath your large appliances, However, due to liability reasons our cleaners are not able to move them. If you’d like us to do this, we kindly ask that you please move large appliances for us.


Interior Window Cleaning – Window/s should be accessible via 2-3 step ladder. Due to liability & safety reasons, our teams are not able to climb on ladders or reach high areas.


Screen Cleaning – We request that the customer remove screens for our cleaners. Due to liability reasons our teams are not able to detach and / or install window screens.

Stain and Mold Removal

We cannot guarantee removal of all stains and mold on grout and tile inside the bathroom and kitchen. However, will try our best to have it removed.

Move Out Cleaning

For Move Out cleaning service, we kindly ask that all furniture and personal belongings be removed from the space before we start working. We also ask that customers do not schedule any moving during the time of their cleaning. This is to ensure that we can do the best job possible.

Also, if customers would like us to clean around or under any large appliances, we ask that they move them for us. Due to liability reasons, our maids are not able to move these types of items.

Deep Cleaning

We kindly ask that customers receiving Deep Clean service pick up clothing, personal items and clear up cluttered areas prior to our arrival. We make this request so that our cleaners can best access surfaces for cleaning.


We supply everything we will need to get the job done. However, if you would prefer us to use some of your supplies and/or vacuum, please let us know. As it shouldn’t be an issue.

Please note that due to our liability insurance, we cannot use “homemade” cleaning products. They must be store bought. 


We love pets and will be very careful around your fur babies. Your pets are members of your family, and we respect that. However, if your pet is afraid of vacuums, territorial, or overly friendly, and will not allow us to do our work, we do ask that they be placed in areas that we are not working in. We will never leave the pets outside unless instructed to do so by the customer. We do not clean litter boxes, feces, or urine.


For our protection and yours, if you have firearms, we ask that all they be stored and locked away prior to our cleaning your home. We will not clean any rooms in which a firearm is visibly present. Please do not leave firearms under pillows or mattresses as they pose a danger when we are changing linens on beds.


Insect infestation can be a problem and may prevent us from cleaning your home. If an infestation of ants, termites, roaches, fleas, bed bugs, etc. is encountered, we will not clean until the problem has been rectified. Please do not expect us to clean up dead insects that you’ve sprayed (i.e., ants, etc.). We will leave you a note or call you regarding the problem

Alarm System

If your home has a security system, please inform us how you want to handle it. Security and safety of your home is a major concern here at Cleaning Insights and our staff is sensitive to security and access procedures. Our policy is to lock the door while we are cleaning and to not allow access to unknown persons. Please do not rely on us to let in workmen during the time we are in your home unless you have let us know.

Please note that it is not necessary for you to have to disarm your alarm systems on the day of your cleaning. If you contact your alarm company, they can assist you in programming a code that is unique to our company. It is common for clients with alarms to give us our own code.


Every effort is made to work safely and cautiously, and we cannot assume liability for injury to others. We kindly ask that you, your children, and pets remain out of the rooms that we are cleaning in order to prevent safety hazards (contact with cleaning products, tripping over buckets, caddies, vacuum cords, etc.). The safety of our employees is extremely important. To decrease the risk of injury to employees we are unable to move heavy objects, flip mattresses, etc. We are unable to clean up vomit, blood, urine, or excrement.


Accidents do happen. If we are responsible for damages to your home or items in your home, we will let you know as soon as possible the day of the cleaning. We make every attempt to repair, replace or pay for any items that we have damaged.

We will not assume liability for pre-existing damages, scratches, dings in windows, paint, furniture, floors, walls, etc. or items not secured in a proper manner (e.g., heavy pictures hanging from thumbtacks, not anchored properly to walls). Items of monetary or sentimental value should be put away on the day of cleaning and/or cleaned by the homeowner.

All surfaces (e.g., marble, granite, hardwood floors, etc.) are assumed to be sealed and ready to be cleaned without causing harm/damage when common cleaners are used.

Release of Liability

Should you decide, you would like us to clean items of monetary or sentimental value (>$100) e.g., items within curio cabinets, etc., the following will apply: Client hereby releases Cleaning Insights from all liability arising out of cleaning these item(s). The client understands that he/she is completely responsible for repairing or replacing any damaged item(s) even if Cleaning Insights may have caused the need for repair or replacement.


Cleaning insights is closed on federal holidays. If your clean falls on a federal holiday, Cleaning Insights will do it’s best to reschedule you before or after the holiday, however, it may not always be possible, but we will do our best to fit everyone into the schedule.

Photos & Videos

By allowing us into your homes, you agree to allow us to take pictures & videos for marketing purposes. These photo/videos will never show family pictures or any identifying features that will prove it is your home, nor will we ever use names of our clients in our marketing. Please note they will be posted on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

Your acceptance of these terms

By using this Site, you signify your acceptance of this policy and terms of service.

We offer discounts for clients who book Recurring Cleanings on a regular schedule, with the amount of the discount based on the frequency of service. If you change your service schedule or reschedule a cleaning so that it falls outside of your previously selected frequency, we reserve the right to change or eliminate the discount that we would have applied to that cleaning or future cleanings. Please note that if you receive a discount off your first cleaning in return for scheduling recurring service, you must also receive and pay for at least one follow-up service as agreed or you will be charged retroactively for the initial discount.

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